I am looking for help with achieving my dreams

I have been listening to Arnold Van Dan Berg for a while and he has introduced me to hypnosis.

I want to use hypnosis to achieve my lifelong dreams such as going to a good university and achieving a first-class degree. I want to do well in my exams and want to use hypnosis for this.

I am also looking to get a job in finance and I want to use hypnosis to help me with this. I study the stock market and I love it. I want to have a career as a equity research analyst and as a fund manager after University. I was wondering if you could add sessions to help with both educational success and career success.

I was also wondering if you could add sessions with achieving any goals that you set your mind to


Hey, welcome to Reveri! Thanks for sharing this post. I believe you’re the one who emailed about achieving goals and I gave you some pointers, but I also documented your request for Dr Spiegel to review.

Would love to hear from people in the Reveri Community who are using hypnosis for success in university and their careers, especially if their careers are related to finance. Let’s discuss!