Managing fight/flight/freeze response

Hi there! I’m enjoying the Reveri app and wondered if anyone had used any of the exercises in relation to managing fight-flight-freeze responses? I’ve recently been thinking about how I perform under pressure, even on a day to day basis, and think that there is something in recognising the state of ‘hyper arousal’ in itself. I guess the performance anxiety hypnosis feels closest to what I’m looking at, but I’m interested to see if others have looked or reflected on FFF or used self-hypnosis to drive performance improvements in this area.

Hi! I had used the short quick relief sessions for similar situations where anxiety had caused me wanting to flight / freeze mainly. These shorter sessions helped me center and „come back“ quickly, also quite easy to memorize Dr. Spiegel‘s voice and going through the exercise without the app.


Interesting - thanks! Do you try and do the self hypnosis before potential moments of stress, or just as part of general daily practice? Are you finding it helps?

Hi there, I find control any habit very very useful. The habit of flight/fight when I get stressed, the habit of getting annoyed if someone does something I don’t like are a couple of examples


That’s interesting - thanks! I think that’s a good way of thinking about it and approaching it. I’ll give it a go!