Stressful monitoring appt. coming up

Hi everybody,
On Wed. I’ll have a professional appointment that I have to submit to once a year. In the past, I’ve consistently failed to be able to reply when triggered (you know when the meeting’s over and you’re like: man! I should’ve said this and that") and I’ve also failed to put healthy boundaries because I tend to fawn and people-please when I’m stressed. I’ve been going through the different exercises ans quick relief sessions for the past 2 months and since I’m in the researcher category, I can’t say I’ve seen tremendous (or any) changes… yet. Well, I do like the physiological sigh but that’s not even under hypnosis so I don’t count it.

Do you have any tips om how I can better prepare myself before this meeting?

Thank you!

Hi, i wonder if you try conquer performance anxiety session and see how that goes for you

See Scott Adams potato analogy at 8:07 in this video

It may allow you to take it all in stride and so have enough calm to think on your feet. Ahead of time, consider writing down bullet points for what you want to convey, bring them on a note card, and consult them them when the interviewer asks if there’s anything else. Good luck!

Thank you for the suggestion. I just did it and I can get some pointers from it indeed, but because the meeting is a conversation, I don’t get to control it all.

Thabk you for the suggestion. For now, I prefer to trust only the Reveri team and their work because hypnosis is one thing, self-hypnosis is another and I don’t feel comfortable putting my mind into people whose work I don’t know. I appreciate you taking the time though.

It’s not hypnosis - it’s just an idea of how to think about something.

Oh… because when I watched it, he said: I healed a lot of people from their anxiety through hypnosis and he went on so I though the image of the potato was part of the hypnosis session.

Edited to add: the meeting is over. I couldn’t unwind after it, even after taking a walk, but the Unwind from work session seems to have helped a little.

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