The hypnotizability test for different people

I am trying Reveri out right now (trial period)
I have been hypnotized twice before (several years ago) with “cool effects” proving suggestibility.
E.g. once by a clinical hypnotist who did a “now you can’t lift one leg, try which one” test.
I thought “yeah, right!” and lifted one leg without a problem and then couldn’t lift the other one and was extremely surprised.
He also gave me some post hypnotic amnesia instructions and same there, I was convinced I could remember it but for the longest time there was like a block to retrieving the information.

Other time was at a lecture situation with a hypnotist, similar experience.

So now, with the reveri I do the test in the app and just get frustrated and feel like I’m not “passing” the test.
No movement in the limb.
I get to a sense of floating and “balloony” feeling but nothing more.

I suppose the feeling of frustration isn’t conducive to the effectiveness of the exercises? Any suggestions would be appreciated!
(If I have the time to try them out before my trial period runs out)

Hi Shpitz, While you wait for replies from more experienced Reveri users thought I would say I have experienced great relief and benefits from doing the exercises the last 2 months even though by the test I am the least hypnotizable. I use Relief Stress, Cyclic Sighing, Enhance Focus, Control Any Habit, Improve Sleep, Manage Grief, and the Quick Relief exercises and the other exercises at times. When able to relax and get into the feeling of floating I feel the benefits easier. Good luck with your journey

Hi Shpitz,

I shouldn’t worry about whether your arm raises - mine doesn’t. You can either help it up, or like me, ignore the arm completely. I persevered for a while with the arm, but found I was focusing on my arm and not the content. The content is the most important part so how silly was I?

I know there are benefits to having the arm up, but if it interferes with your focus, I’d say don’t bother with it. And certainly don’t think of it as a pass or fail. It’s an indication of hypnotizability. There are pros and cons for each type, so better to accept you’re at the moderate end and listen to the exercises. That way, you’ll get the most out of them. I hope this helps.