Improving confidence

Which exercises have you used and can recommend to work on lack of confidence?
My goal is to improve confidence in order to take better ownership in daily tasks (back myself up more) and be better and quicker at making decisions.
Thank you.

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Hi Marja, I think , Release Stress, Cyclic Sighing breathing, Enhance Focus, Conquering Performance Anxiety, and Control Any Habit, Overcome Procrastination. Depending on the day I find doing multiple exercises helps. I tend to do morning exercises mostly, before starting the day, sometimes a quick relief during the day and the Improve sleep at night. In the 3 months now a huge quality of life improvement that seemed to happen very early after starting. best of luck on your journey


Where do I find Conquering Performance Anxiety? I’m not seeing it in the App.

Hit “Home” at the bottom of the screen then you should see “To Reduce Stress” “Relieve Stress” then scroll down the next is “Conquer Performance Anxiety”