Stanford Psychiatrist Dr. Spiegel Teaches You to Control ANY Habit

Get the recording of today’s community event with Dr. Spiegel on controlling ANY habit.

Dr. Spiegel teaches us all how to take control of any habit - whether it is a behavior, emotion, or an addiction - for good. Distilling his lifetime of clinical and research experience, he takes us through frameworks and a live hypnosis session.

We’re also joined by real Reveri Community members, Shawn and Amanda, who have each tackled different habits with Reveri: Shawn overcame a fear of going out of his house, and Amanda quit a 17-year smoking habit.

Focus on what you’re for, rather than what you’re against.

Update Reveri to get the new Quit Any Habit and Control Any Habit exercises


And don’t forget to save Shawn’s song that we listened to at the beginning! It's a Good Day to Be Alive ft. Shawn Elliot, Lamar Jones, Nimo Patel - YouTube

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Thank you for the opportunity to share and for sharing the song! I love sharing my experiences and being as hopefully being as helpful as I can for others :slight_smile:


Thanks for the replay, Work got in the way of my joining the event live. Enjoy these activities.

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