Enhance Your Self Control Community Event

Thanks to those who attended our Enhance Your Self Control community event on April 28th! It was our first community event in over a month, and it was such a delight to connect with some new and old faces.


  • 00:00 - 09:56: Intros, Q&A in the chat, poll, orientation.
  • 09:57 - 15:30: Dr Spiegel’s principle: Focus on what you’re for, rather than what you’re against. What does this mean? How does it apply? Thanks to Shawn and @Lovlesh for sharing examples.
  • 15:31 - 19:14: Personal anecdote shared by @Annie: Changing a habit at the identity level. Great analogy by Gerald: Practice makes perfect. More on being for not against, Cassandra.
  • 19:31 - 24:56: Who’s been using Enhance Your Self Control - new exercise in Reveri? How to find this session @Lovlesh shares what he likes about the exercise.
  • 24:57 - 41:00: Discussion around how bad habits can serve us, and the fear associated with trying a new behavior. Self-sabotage, resistance, etc. Personal examples from @Bev, Fabia. Two different approaches: Fear Setting, focusing on what can go right. What if…?
  • 41:10 - 46:21: Shawn going back to being for, not against, when it comes to fear. Personal example.
  • 47:00 - 59:49: Closing discussion, Devorah on writing, memories, and imagination, and what to do next!

Please continue to chat with each other in this category about your journey to enhancing your self control. Any questions, information, personal experiences, etc, are all welcome and encouraged! Go ahead and make your first post.