Tackle Core Believes with Hypnosis?

Hi! Which session would you recommend to tackle a negative core belief?
Example: I am not good enough , not strong, I’m bad, etc.
I’d really appreciate your insight.

Hi Zelda,
I have been thinking about the same issue lately, how to boost my self-esteem. I have been using the Quit Any Habit to minimize my negative self-talk which is a bad habit I have carried for years! I feel I am better about how I treat myself in my mind. The other one I use a lot is From Challenge to Mastery and I imagine myself in control, calm, strong, etc. in those moments when I know I will probably get nervous and insecure of myself. I hope that helps. Best of luck!


I would like to tackle “I can’t do it.”
This would have to be qualified: The goal has to be realistic.

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Yes, but if you look through the glasses of the dysfunctional belief, the word “realistic” becomes “it is too much for me”. So, I maintain, the core belief needs to tackled.
Best of luck

I will fail or I am a failure?

Hi Zelda,

In my personal work to transform my old beliefs, I’ve noticed that any belief I have is based on my past experiences. And because my belief kind of skews what I’m noticing about an experience, in order to change my perception of an experience, which over time has led to me changing my beliefs, I’ve need to purposefully take in new information. The best way I’ve found to do that is either acting in a new way and/or bringing a sense of curiosity to my experiences. I then use the Reveri app, mostly the Review my Workout session, to review that new experience and soak it in even more.

Over time, this has proven really effective. So much so that in situations where an old belief used to kick in, I am noticing a new belief automatically coming in instead, and even kind of notice some past experience to back up the new belief popping in my head at the same time. This has led me to naturally acting in new ways and feeling differently. It’s really quite amazing to experience.

I hope something I shared is helpful. :slight_smile:


I don’t know where you got this one from.
Best wishes.

Hi there, i used 'control any habit" to overcome my habit of feeling terrified on the beach before windsurfing out into big waves. Result was almost no fear, sailed straight ouut, caught bigger waves.

Ive also used the ‘contol any habit’ to change my habit of becoming furious when others inconvenience me. In both these cases the solutions just popped in to my head


Lots of great suggestions in here! Shawn raises a great point that the sessions are designed to be flexible, so the best advice I can give is to explore and experiment with all our exercises.

Zelda, I’m curious if you gave any of these a try and if you found any helpful? I would also think Control Any Habit could help with tackling unwanted core beliefs.

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Hi Shelby,
I am now trying some of the tracks and with some flexibility I apply them to my situation. So, yes, it was nice to read that other people are in the same boat and it is uplifting.
Thanks everyone.

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This interests me because I have a huge fear of doctors , illness and hospitals and I hadn’t thought of that fear as a habit . I might try ‘control any habit’ because the mere mention of this stuff provokes a habitual response

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Interesting. Best of luck to you :blush:

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