What is your specific goal within the nutrition umbrella?

:shallow_pan_of_food: We recently sent out a survey to community members who’ve used Eat Well. We got so much valuable feedback, and uncovered insights we wouldn’t have realized!

I’d love to know more. What exactly are you working on within the nutrition umbrella? Knowing this will help us make Reveri more useful for you.

  • I just want to eat healthier overall
  • I want to lose weight
  • I want to gain weight
  • I want to manage cravings
  • I want to quit a sugar addiction
  • I want to overcome an eating disorder
  • I want to improve my body image
  • I want to establish an exercise routine
  • I want to deal with emotions related to over-eating
  • I want to combat social pressure around eating
  • I want to choose more healthful foods
  • I want to increase my longevity through diet and/or exercise
  • Something else (reply to this post)

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As I’m having a Hashimoto’s flare up at the moment, it’s important for me to eat well to push through this. Definitely going in the right direction.


Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that! I had never heard of that before. Absolutely – eating well has so many positive downstream effects on our overall health and immunity. Food is medicine!

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