What are you using Reveri to work on?

What brought you to Reveri?

Are you here to improve your sleep, enhance your focus, relieve stress/anxiety, quit a certain habit, or something else? Sharing this about yourself is a great way to get to know others who share your goal. Reply below!


I joined for stress relief, I do find the stress episode really helpful when I am struggling. I heard about Reveri on Andrew Huberman and it sounded really good.


I joined Reveri to sleep better and manage my anxiety related to sleep and in general. Heard of it on the Huberman pod sand thought I’d give it a try.


I joined Reveri for help quitting vaping. It worked really well when I had the extended time to focus on it. Still not vaping so I will try use the practice on other areas in my like that need improvement. Looking forward to further developments.


Hi, I joined revery to get better at concentration and get things done. Also to reduce anxiety. I also listen to the Huberman podcast everyweek.


Hello My current goal is to eliminate ice cream from my diet. Then additionally reduce eating food with processed sugars, I started on May 19 and going strong as of today June13.


HUGE CONGRATULATIONS, MARK!!! I’m so so excited for you! Please keep us informed about your journey!

Welcome, Catherine! I also found Reveri via Huberman in 2021 :slight_smile: How is Reveri going for you with these goals? Are you new or have you been with us for a while?

Congratulations Lisa!! Every time you mention quitting ice cream, it makes me crave ice cream :sweat_smile: it’s definitely addictive… I would LOVE to hear how this goes for you as you progress. Do I understand correctly that you’ll be progressively eliminating more and more processed sugars from your diet (not all at once)?


Yes, I have eliminated ice cream and now am reducing sugar in foods. Ice Cream was definitely a food I ate too much when I trying to cope with hard feelings.


Hi, i joined to improve focus and reduce procrastination.
I also believe i have some unconscious blocks that prevent me achieving the right level of candor with people working for me.
Finally, i seem to self sabotage myself once i’m getting some financial succes which then gets me right back to the struggling level


I am still on track and loving being for and not against.


I love this! Congrats! Will you be at Friday’s Quit Any Habit event?

I completely resonate with the self sabotage piece, Gert! How is Reveri going for you this past month? Which sessions are you using?

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Yes I am planning to attend Friday’s session. I am still able to keep up my goal.

I am using Cyclic Sighing often and Quit any habit

Hi Shelby,

Actually i quit using it. It’s not that i didn’t like it, certainly not.

My spouse kind a freaked out knowing that i was looking into hypnosis. Mainly due to prejudice around the topic.

So, that was about it for me with hypnosis. My priority does lie with my family first, self development second.

The best of luck and succes with Reveri!

Gert Molkens

Mobiel verstuurd, excuses voor de eventuele typfouten

I started out using Reveri to improve sleep. Today I started using it to quit alcohol & change my fear of public speaking.


Good for you, Anne! I hear very little from people who are using Reveri to quit alcohol… how’s it going? Would love to hear your feedback.

Which sessions do you use to overcome a fear of public speaking?

Wow Gert, I’m sorry to hear your spouse freaked out about you using hypnosis. If there is anything I could provide to help leave some concerns at bay, I’d be happy to. I understand the skepticism around hypnosis, my husband has some too.

Some of the things that help are Dr. Spiegel’s credibility, the scientific research supporting hypnosis, and the success stories of real people. Of course, no pressure, and I commend you for putting your family first. But if you were getting substantial benefit from Reveri, I’d be happy to help ease your spouse’s concerns!

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