Cyclic Sighing Changed My Life

Hi Everyone-

Just wanted to share that implementing a 5 minute session of Cyclic Sighing post workout has changed my life. I feel incredible.

Does anyone know if it would be better to do 10 minutes in a row vs. two separate 5 minute sessions?

Will test both- was just curious.

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Hi sergio, I have no answer to your question, but just wanted to say hurray, thats so cool! Youve inspired me and im going to go do 5 minutes of cyclic sighing right now! Cheers, wendy

Amazing to hear!

I cannot understate how much it has curbed my anxiety and helped shift my overall perspective.

For reference, immediately following my workout (while still in the gym) I sit and perform the exercise.

Hope this helps you as it helped me- I am so excited about the results that I am telling everyone that will listen because it has been so impactful for me.

Same here Sergio! I also tell everyone how much reveri has helped me become more like the person i want to be but sadly only a few are willing to try the app including peiple whove spent thousands and thousand on personal delvelopment