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which session should i use for a 10 min yoga nidra nap, or similar session for when i wake up and want to do a yoga nidra session to feel more rested?


hey! welcome. ooo this is an interesting question… Reveri is self-hypnosis, not yoga nidra. I realize they have similarities according to Huberman, but I would have to do more research to be able to answer you thoroughly. if I’m understanding you correctly that your goal is to wake up feeling more rested (just for naps? or for overnight sleeping too?), then here’s what I can suggest:

  • Do an Improve Sleep session when lying down, drifting off to sleep. Many of our members have reported that they get deeper, more restful slumber, and wake up feeling refreshed, especially with practice. We’ve also heard anecdotes of increased HRV with Reveri’s self-hypnosis for sleep!
  • For a 10 min nap, I would suggest one of our Quick Relief sessions, such as Breathe Better, Seek Sleep, Float On, or Soothe your Body.
  • As a bonus, if you are on iOS, we just released a new Cyclic Sigh exercise! This is suuuper powerful for total relaxation and making you sleepy, reducing your resting heart rate, and relieving stress.

if I understand the research, any form of hypnosis, NSDR, yoga nidra, or a simple power nap, that you do for 10-25 minutes in between other tasks (especially cognitive tasks) has a similar effect. it helps you consolidate learning and transition to new bouts of work/learning.

most importantly- experiment!! and let us know what you find :slight_smile: hypnosis is very safe for most people to do: Is Hypnosis Safe for Everyone? — R E V E R I


Hello Shelby and everyone,

I’m wondering if there is any timeline for updates to the Android app. The iOS app already has the cyclic sighing exercises and shorter version of the exercises. I’m really looking forward to these features being available on Android as well.


Hey Lovlesh! We paused Android development this quarter to put our limited resources toward experimentation on iOS so that we can prepare for our fundraising round next quarter. However, we understand the importance of creating new value to our entire community, so restarting Android production is one of our highest priority discussions right now. I will have more precise estimates soon, but we are currently planning on August. I will follow up with you when we have a clearer picture soon!


Obvious question probably but how will i know if i’m in a state of hypnosis?


Hi, I discovered on my first Reveri… that I have Aphantasia or rather I could not visualise anything, I could not make a screen appear. I didn’t realise I was different to orher people. It is quite a curious feeling. I still use the app, feel the floating sensation and love the breathing. Just no pictures. :heart:


Just following up since Cyclic Sighing and many new features have been released on Android. How are you liking them?

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Hi Linda, I think you’re the one I chatted with over email recently about this. I wanted to share Dr. Spiegel’s response to this topic for everyone’s visibility:

Our own research has shown that hypnotizability is not correlated with imagery ability, though most people can picture things. For people who cannot visualize, I recommend thinking about being in the situation rather than envisioning it. Imagine you are in that scenario right now, what does it feel like, sound like, and even taste like? Lean into whichever senses are strongest for you – not everyone is a visual thinker. Experiment with the suggestions and do what works best for you.

Can’t wait to hear how it’s been going for you! It would be helpful for others who have aphantasia as well.


Hi Shelby,
Thank you for your interest… I love the cyclic breathing and the sensation of floating. What I struggle with is like a childhood memory of not being able to do something every one else can do, I feel less…(I don’t like the feeling because it doesn’t fit with today)
It is also very early days in understanding this for myself. I am so happy with my new neuroplastic life :slightly_smiling_face:
I am ok with working through this!
Thank you again

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Hello Shelby :wave:

I’m loving the new features on the app. I am using the cyclic sighing exercise and control habit exercise regularly. I’m looking forward for the shorter version of enhance focus, the ‘outro’ part can be a bit long sometimes :grinning:


Hi - I’m really interested in guided Nsdr how do I find that here?

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I wish there were longer sessions with less talking - being in the hypnotic state is better than a hot tub.

I also vote for nsdr session in reveri

Hi @Gert ! Has anyone answered you privately? Because I don’t see a public reply to your question and it’s an interesting one. @shelby ?

This is maybe a little odd, or subtle, but I am unsure about how much I should “try” to follow the instructions during the hypnosis sessions. Often, when the recording instructs me to think of various things, I find myself mentally scrambling trying to keep up. (I also somehow get confused when multiple versions of the same instruction are given – for example I will decide on one way to “float” and then be distracted by considering all the other options mentioned in the recording.

This might reflect that I haven’t fully gone into the hypnotic state? I am wondering whether I should just focus on relaxing, floating and listening to the voice, or whether I should more consciously try to follow instructions and just expect these difficulties to recede with time.

I still find the sessions of benefit despite this difficulty. In some ways though I am preferring the very short Quick Relief sessions, I think because the instructions are simpler and more direct.

Hi there, Is overthinking common for you? If so maybe consider doing a session that ‘feels right’ to work on the overthinking first. Cheers, wendy

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Hi wendy, thanks for replying!

You have hit the nail on the head, overthinking/overanalyzing is a default setting for me and definitely an area to work on. It would also be a good idea to just pick one or two sessions to focus on – I have been jumping around because I want to fix all the problems, right now! But I would probably get a stronger response from using the same session more consistently to get a stronger response to the induction.

Hi sfme,
Just saw your reply and must say you made me giggle cos i do exactly the same as you; jump around! But it has helped me discover which sessions work better for me. Anyway, hopr you co tinue to find reveri as useful as i do. Cheers, wendy

I’m brand new to Reveri. I don’t understand categories (if that’s the right term) and goals.

Perhaps my question is this: can I be working on two things in parallel?

I want to improve my focus and work effectiveness and also improve my sleep. How should I approach using Reveri to help in both areas?

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