What questions do you have about Reveri?

Hello Laurence, I have been using Reveri 7 months now. As to your question can you be working on two things in parallel, I use a wide range of the sessions available. If you want to work on Focus and Improved Sleep, I would suggest trying
the Breathing Exercises Cyclic Sighing and under more exercises Enhance Focus, Reach Your Goals and Improve Sleep. I often piggy back one session after another. It is nice to jump around and try different sessions and find your favorites. Reveri has helped me so very much and I was in the least hypnotizable category Good luck with your journey


Thanks, Suqie.

I stumbled on the fact that I’m no locked into one “category” but could also get going with the sleep category after starting on focus. Since I have A.D.D., I continuously look for help with focus. And since I have A.D.D., as soon as I start something, I’m ready to start something else. :laughing: But that’s also a feature of learning something new: groping to discover what I don’t know, sometimes before I know enough to learn the new topic.

So again, I thank you. I’m looking forward to getting the most I possibly can from Reveri.

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Thanks Laurence for the update, it was good to read your response.

Sometimes i stop the timer to stay in the session longer. Cheers

Hi. :wave:t3: I just signed up, and I’m on day three. I’m trying to build better eating habits.

I’ve been assigned a hypnosis session called “Control Any Habit,” and I have a question. I’ve done this session twice, now, and I’m a little bit confused. Here’s what happens:

  • The session begins with the balloon arm exercise.
  • Next, I give a score of my belief in my ability to change my habit.
  • After that, I have to specify whether I am trying to change an addiction, a behavior, or [a third option that I can’t remember right now].
  • I say “Behavior,” because I’m working on eating patterns.
  • Next, I am guided through a breathing exercise.
  • The confusing part comes after the breathing exercise. That’s when Dr. Spiegel asks something like, “Now, do you feel like you can make a better choice next time with the tools provided?” (I’m paraphrasing.)

It feels like I just got started with the hypnosis session, learned a breathing technique, and then it’s all over.

Was the breathing technique supposed to be a tool to use when my unhealthy urges strike? Like a surrogate behavior? Or was it just part of the hypnosis session? And, if the breathing technique was one of the “tools provided,” what is/are the other tools (plural tools)?

It seems like part of the recording may be missing, or at least maybe a little bit of instruction is needed so that I understand what’s happening.

I would love to understand because I was assigned this session on Day 1 and Day 3, and I have a feeling that I will be assigned the session again in the coming days. LOL.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Hi Shannon, welcome aboard! From my own understanding, you will find the exercises on the iPhone Home page comprise a collection of techniques, including breathing exercises. While these exercises serve various purposes, it’s worth noting that many scientists recommend incorporating breathing techniques for their numerous benefits. I wish you a rewarding journey with these exercises! If you need further clarification or guidance, feel free to reach out. Buddy, you’ve got this! Cheers!