Changing from a night- person to an earlly morning riser

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My first experience with Reveri app. I was so excited, I just discovered hypnosis as a complimentary method along Zen and tibetan buddhist meditations and Yoga and Yoga Nidra. My Iphone is now the carrier for reveri. Well it is a mixture of slight disappointment and a lighthearted relaxed over all feeling. It was so natural and as if I already knew it somehow. Nothing big and new. I am discovering a feeling that my imagination is not very visual, and mixed feelings about that. Wanting the visual and also a slight discomfort about inviting it in.
I am working on a habit. I seem to be a nightperson, well I am a night person.
I always had the tendency of going to bed late. Now with age it is even worse.
I want to change this. Yet it is so complex, like I have to change my complete day structure, eating times etc etc. I will keep you informed. I tried to change this, and failed ahgain and again. Somehow I feel that this change would be like a revolution in my life. Some profound gesture in realizing a good, empowered , creative aging, with more gentle zen- selfdiscipline. I am an old zen- practitioner, but I still have a long way to go…….


Hi Zendita, thank you for sharing. Reveri may help you become a morning person. Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? If so, you might imagine which session I’d recommend you try… Cyclic Sighing is also great for inducing sleepiness, in my opinion.

To provide an alternative point of view, though: have you considered that being a night person is not a problem? Maybe it’s just your natural way of being. Have you heard about chronotypes? ​​What Is Your Chronotype & Why Does It Matter? - The Pulse Blog In short, we all have a natural sleep pattern.

I’m a night person, and so is my mom, and so was her mom. I’m currently in a phase of life where I’m forced to be a morning person (I have a baby), and my mom got up early for most of her career/childrearing days. But now that she’s retired and her kids are grown, she’s up all night and sleeping late again :slight_smile:

Very Dear Shelby!
Thankyou so much for writing me your sweet mail concerning my wish to change
my “too late to bed”-habit. I will answer your mail in the next days.
Right now I wanted to pay my one year reveri app. And I tried to activate
the special discount for the Mental Health Day. But it did not work! My understanding
was that I could trie 7 days for free, which I did and enjoyed. So I decided I wanted
this app. Of course I would like the 10% discount, because anyway I will have to pay
extra costs for the banc changing my € Euros into US Dollar. Can you please help
me to activate this lucky discount. Maybe Reveri is already in the process of charging
me the full amount from my account. I just looked into my account and there is a similar
amount already withdrawn from it, but yet I cannot see from whom.
Please forgive me my “funny” English.
Enjoy your days
Automngreetings from Vienna
Diana ( Zendita- I am an old Zenpractitioner, I was born in Venezuela,
so I added a spanish sound to zen- with- dita!)

PS. concerning my change of sleeping pattern. There are many reasons
important to me. I want to GROW old in a good way. Going late to bed
does not feel good any more physically, to my body and mind. Since I do
not work any more, I am free to do what I like. And I am an old practitioner:

Zen-Zazen, tibetan Buddhism, Yoga, Qigong. And I like to study, to read all my
old scripts of Traditional Chinese Medicine with emphasis of nutrition. I do all
of this after waking up. So I have a feeling of being a Yogini, but also enjoying
living a wordly life . So getting up late does not fit with my yogic practice and the
way I want to live. Most of my friends, family, grandchildren are early risers. So
I want to be in harmony with them. Of course I am nature, but I want to be
a cultivated nature. So I answered your question already. Thankyou for your
concern. But I would prefer some support for what I want so deeply, and less
questioning of it. But thank you anyway. Y un besito para tu bebe! A little kiss for your baby.


PS: Luckily I am a good sleeper. I have my Good night ceremonys, like meditating
very relaxed sitting up in bed, Zazen, just easy breathing, after some minutes
I feel so tired and stretch out to sleep- GOOD.
PEACEFULL- nights and days- for you and the whole world, which is in need
for that right now…

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Hi Zendita, I have the exact same issue. I have been “encouraged” (read forced) to be up in the mornings because I have kids who wake up at the crack of dawn (eye roll). I am aware of Chronotypes and it is correct. But I also believe that humans are incredibly adaptive and flexible and are able to change their physiology to suit their values. I read this once and it rings quite true: “what we call human nature is actually human habit”. The first thing that helps with this is to avoid phrases like “I am a night owl/not a morning person” because anything we add after “I am…” is read by Unconscious as though it is who we are and our identity. That makes it much harder to shift. If we rather say “I tend to sleep late”, then Unconscious will see it as something we do rather than who we are. Please let me know when you crack the code! I would very much like this for my life too. By the way I live in Ebreichsdorf close to Vienna!

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My 2 pennies This is what I have so far. Cheers Ben

3-21 Routine

3 up

3-4 Am routine

18 Pm routine

19:30 Reveri +

21 sleep

Between 3-21

  1. Be mindful
  2. Witness all that happening
  3. Breathe deeply
  4. Cultivate good energy
  5. Spend time on adjustment
  6. Continue adjustment
  7. Move move move
  8. 19:30 be in bed
  9. Day 4 of getting up @3