Ideas and comments to improve the Reveri experience

Hey there, great App!

Couple of ideas, to improve the Reveri experience:

  1. Do two-three variants of every hypnosis. For quitting smoking or alcohol - just some slight variations would give a feeling of actually a therapeutical intervention rather than just a “mechanical” repeating of the same session again and again.

  2. Please, make a variant with a female voice of hypnosis. Lots of women due to a bad experience in the past have troubles perceiving the man-splaining manner of a low male voice. I’m sure that small feature would rocket the number of users.

  3. Is there any chance to make “a queue” tool for 1- minute hypnosis? 1 Minute is really way too short, plus lots of topics are related - I’d be very thankful for an opportunity to listen to them one after another.

Great work, anyway :heart_hands:

Best regards,
Dr. Stenya Kountourakis

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