Some ideas to improve Reveri and help with subscription

My name is Linoy, and I am a PhD student in Human-Computer Interaction in China. I recently came across Dr. Spigel’s research on pain management and was truly impressed by the concept of self-hypnosis.

I’ve had the opportunity to try Reveri for 7 days, and I must say, I absolutely love it. However, I face a financial challenge as it’s quite difficult for me to afford a subscription, given that I earn around $400 a month (equivalent to 3000 Chinese yuan).

Currently, I have an idea: I have already recommended Reveri to my friends and explained how it has helped me feel more relaxed and improved my sleep. They are very eager to try it as well. However, the language barrier, as English is their second language, makes it a bit challenging for them to use Reveri. I would be happy to assist in translating the app into Chinese. Additionally, I am open to contributing to any other improvements that the team may need. With my expertise in coding and user experience, I believe I can help make Reveri even better.

I hope that you would consider granting me a discount on the subscription so that I can continue to benefit from self-hypnosis and also contribute to making Reveri better.

Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,

Excellent propositon . Well done and good luck .