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For the Reveri Community to discuss how to use Reveri’s self-hypnosis for managing pain perception. Ask questions, share tips, help one another, learn, explore, and grow!

Guidelines and suggestions:

  • What questions do you have about Reveri for managing any type of pain? Browse the Topics, and if there isn’t one that covers your question, post it!
  • Did you discover a great new use case for managing your pain perception with Reveri? Please share it here so others can learn!
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Hi, thank you for opening up this platform. I am interested to know, do you call it managing pain because it is not meant for curing pain but rather coping with it? Or is it that there are cases where users´ pain had indeed disappeared but you are not allowed to legally state that - to manage expectations and prevent getting sued? It would be so great to know if you have statistics to show how many of your members who have tried it have indeed have their pain permanently resolve? Kind regards, Nadia