Trader's Mindset

Trading is inherently counter to our biology. Our brains cannot tell a difference between a real and imagined threat.

“Unless you learn to completely accept the possibility of an uncertain outcome, you will try either consciously or unconsciously to avoid any possibility you define as painful.” Mark Douglas

I enjoy day trading. I dislike the fear and uncertainty. How can we use hypnosis and other scientifically proven techniques improve our trading mindset?

Hi Paul,

I had to look up day trading… I can see why you want to know more about tackling fear and uncertainty.

I’m afraid I have to disagree with the often-stated “The brain cannot tell the difference between a real and imagined threat.” There are similarities, but it’s not the same. For example, compare imagining standing in front of a lion to standing in front of a lion. Our brains and body will react differently. Having said that, imagination is a great tool for planning.

Speaking of planning, whatever we do our brain will plan whether we’re conscious of it or not. I’d recommend planning for uncertainty, mistakes and failure. When we accept we can’t control what’s outside of us, we can start to control how we react.

I imagine the fear comes from the uncertainty of this fast-paced trading. The app has a good exercise for anxiety that includes uncertainty. Try doing that one regularly until you feel better able to cope with uncertainty. It takes a while, that’s not an easy one to manage. You won’t get rid of fear completely, which is good thing; day trading is a risky business. However, you can learn how to bring it down to an acceptable level.

With such a high pressure job, just bear in mind a little bit stress is good; long-term not so much.

Good luck.

Friday I used the app for anxiety. My performance did feel better. More focused. Able to think and react.

I agree with you that the imagination is a great tool for planning. One happy surprises and why I’ve been able to continue trading is my imagination is engaged.

One of my least favorite aspects of trading is sticking to a tradebook. The book helps take our imaginations into a plan that hopefully translates into profits or preservation.

Trading does ignite fear, anxiety, and stress. Often when I enter a trade, I’m entering in a position of fulfilling my future desires.

What is your experience with trading? Do you have a favorite tool on the app that you use regularly?

Hi Paul,

I’m glad you’re finding the app helpful. It’s great having Reveri on hand as and when needed.

Imagination when planning engages the areas of the brain involved with pursuing goals. To supplement that, writing it down does the same thing. This is probably why sticking to your trade book helps.

I don’t have experience in trading as such, though I am currently redirecting my business. Even though I have help from a marketing agency, there are things I have to do that I don’t like doing. For that, I use the session on procrastination. Listening to that helps me to get those chores out of the way. And they are never as bad as imagined. I have used the session on anxiety for the same reason you have. It’s no surprise there is uncertainty in business, especially at the beginning.

That’s what I love about the app, we can use it when we need it, and slowly we change our perception and behaviour. The stress is still there, but it’s not debilitating – in fact, I use it to motivate me. I hope that answers your question.

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