Fear/Anxiety what hypnosis do I use?

Which exercise do I use for FEAR? ANXIETY?

Relieve Stress works for all fears, stressors, and sources of anxiety.

You may also like the breathing exercises like Cyclic Sighing and Box Breathing.

Sorry you’re experiencing fear/anxiety – a lot of community members are familiar with this feeling, myself included! Let me know how these sessions go for you.

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Yeah this is the main thing I’m using it for too. I like the cyclic sighing, which sometimes has helped me more than the Relieve Stress session. The main problem with the stress relief session is that it is very general, but then very impatient when asking the user to visualize steps to take to address an issue. It keeps wanting a response faster than I can think through the steps for a difficult problem. I like the layout of it other than the rapid pacing. It is some really good ideas, but too rushed. The cyclic sighs can be very relaxing sometimes even in the worst anxiety, can be amazing how much it calms the physiology down. Did not realize boxed breathing had been added. I found that one time when I tried Jewel Kilcher’s website. If anybody has trouble with blood pressure, that sure brought mine down, not sure if it is same method as Dr. Spiegel would teach. People have different styles.

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Very interesting! I’m glad to hear Cyclic Sighing has been so beneficial for you – it’s gotten a ton of positive feedback from our community, and research shows its immense benefits on slowing heart rate and lowering blood pressure. Have you tried the interactive version of Relieve Stress? It allows you to set more of the pace which gives you more time to think of the suggestions. I must juxtapose this comment with what Dr Spiegel always advises people: Hypnosis is meant to be fast, and you are capable of coming up with the imagery he suggests instantaneously. But sometimes the conscious mind gets in the way and casts doubt. It’s ok if you don’t fully comprehend everything that happens during a session – grab what you can and don’t worry about missing parts.


Do any of these come with subliminal messages?

No, Reveri’s sessions are just as much “good advice” as they are effective hypnosis exercises. Dr Spiegel’s methodology rests on the core philosophy of “being for, not against.” He helps you focus on what you’re for, or what it is that you want to achieve, rather than what you are against or what you want to avoid. So for sessions related to fear/anxiety, he helps you focus on the positive feelings you want to experience rather than the fear and anxiety you want to avoid.

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