Reveri for panic attacks

Hi everyone, have you ever experienced a panic attack? This topic came up in our Anxiety Workshop a couple weeks ago, and lately, a few new community members said they’ve used Reveri to calm down during one!

Sessions used:

  • Relieve Stress
  • Focus on What’s Fixable (Quick Relief)

I’m curious if anyone in the clubhouse has used Reveri for panic attacks. If so, which exercise did you use, and how much did it help (if at all)? Has anything else besides Reveri helped?

This is a sensitive subject, but the clubhouse is a safe space to discuss!

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yes, I use the “Soothe your body” 1 min quick relief session for those, I was just mentioning it in the other thread :slight_smile: a very quick session works perfectly in my case, as a longer session might take a bit too long to take effect I think.


Super interesting! Thanks for sharing Katia. I love that you are using the bottom-up approach of soothing yourself physiologically, and then letting your mind follow. That is Dr. Spiegel’s approach for helping people with anxiety, so you are spot on!


Another thing that works quick according to Dr. Andrew Huberman - a colleague of the Reveri author Dr. Sinclair - is to take a big breath in, then instead of exhaling, take another sharp breath in, exhale slowly and deeply. This stimulates your vagus nerve to spread calm.

Actually, that method is Cyclic Sighing in the Breathing Exercises Module. It also makes a brief appearance in the Manage Pain Perception Module.