Depression/blues, which reveri session to use?

Which Reveri sessions do you recommend to use to counter depression and associated thoughts

Hi, I use the Relieve Stress, Cyclic Sighing, Focus on What’s Fixable, Calm Control and Float On the most often. Will be interested to hear what sessions you end up using and find useful

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I found this blog informative and useful.

Hi Suqie

Thanks for sharing your list. I mostly use Cyclic Sighing, Box Breathing when i am stressed and want to relax and be calm.

Lately, i have done a couple of sessions on managing your grief and found them immensly helpful to cope with feelings of sadness and loss.

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Hi Mateenfaisal thanks for your feedback . I was surprised how helpful cyclic sighing has been. only recently got the update on managing grief

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and it has been helping PS the community app giving some challenges hence the break in responding