[Workshop] Overcome Loneliness and Improve Wellbeing - with Special Guest, Ben Rein, PhD

Full recap:
We were joined by Dr. Ben Rein to discuss the research and practical tips on overcoming loneliness in today’s isolated world. Fostering social connection can improve our health, wellbeing, and even lifespans.

Dr. Rein’s Thought Experiment: Answer the following hypothetical questions for yourself:

  1. If you were working late in the afternoon and got a phone call from an old friend, would you answer it?
  2. If I told you to start a conversation with a stranger on the bus or train, what % of people would you expect to reject your advance?
  3. How do you think that conversation would impact your mood and experience? Better or worse than sitting in solitude?

Watch the full workshop to get all the takeaways, research highlights, and Dr. Ben’s insights on this thought experiment. Dr. Spiegel also shares his thoughts as a psychiatrist, and of course – a live hypnosis demo.

About our guest:
Dr. Ben Rein is a neuroscientist and science communicator whose research focuses on the neurobiology of social interaction. In his research at Stanford, Ben has been studying the neural basis of empathy and how it can be enhanced. Ben also shares educational videos to an audience of nearly 1 million social media followers, and serves as the Chief Science Officer of the Mind Science Foundation.

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