Build a Successful Sleep Routine Workshop w/ Reveri Success Story, Adam

In April, Reveri co-hosted a workshop with Success Story, Adam.
He shared his tips and answered questions about building a successful sleep routine - something he is a living testament of. Adam went from sleepless nights to consistently restful slumber in a few weeks using Reveri, as well as his own routine.

Resources shared during the sleep workshop - please add more by replying to this post!

  1. Adam’s success story
  2. Science about hypnosis for sleep
  3. The science of hypnotizability
  4. The safety of hypnosis - it’s safe for kids too!
  5. 2015 Dr Spiegel lecture - thanks @Lovlesh
  6. Podcast: Dr Spiegel on the Huberman Lab, February 2022
  7. Podcast: Dr Matthew Walker (sleep scientist) on the Huberman Lab
  8. Brain Waves app for binaural beats, can be used in tandem with hypnosis - recommended by Huberman (Apple) (Google)