Connecting with Grief through Reveri

Hello there! I’m opening this topic to discuss how self hypnosis has helped you navigating grief. I lost my grandfather yesterday, I am currently living abroad.

Dealing with loss while being away from family has always been a quite confusing feeling that I started to explore during the pandemic. Self hypnosis has been a great tool to connect with my feelings.

I lost touch with my grandfather about 5 years ago, yet being able to picture the good moments with him, or seeing him walking in a peaceful place now that he’s gone, has really helped me cry and release the sadness. I tend to numb myself in situations of stress, so this really helps to avoid detaching.

I’d love to hear your experiences as I am facing this process from a place of curiosity and investigation.

Thanks for your time


Hi! Im so sorry for your loss. Death is as final as it gets, unfortunately. Im so happy that there is a session for navigating this. Personally, I use it to accept changes in relationships that have ended or are really different now. It’s not easy. I love that when I use it interactively, I can go slower and increase breath work to really stay in a calm place.
Best wishes to you!

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