Help with correct positioning for the "Hypnotizability Test" setup


I’m trying to ensure I have the correct position for the “Hypnotizability Test”. During this test, participants are asked to either sit on a chair or lie down.

Firstly, at the start of the session, they ask participants to say “okay” when they’re ready and get as comfortable as possible with their arms resting and supported at their sides. Additionally, if possible, they ask participants to have both feet up.

I have a couple of questions regarding the positioning of the feet.

If you’re sitting on a chair, should the position of the feet be like ( A ) or is it more like a meditation posture, such as ( B ):

Next, if I am lying down (e.g., on a yoga mat), does having the feet up mean like ( A ) or up in the air, like ( B ):

Note: It seem tho, that later in the session some position might be easier to do while sitting

Furthermore, during the test, we are asked to have the “index finger” of your right hand stroke “the middle finger” of your left hand. So I guess we have the right arm move to the left(so elbow aren’t supported anymore) and by “stroke” , I guess it means to slightly touch the left finger with the right finger?

Moving forward, we are also asked the following:
“With your left hand in the air and your elbow resting supported let your hand remain in this position. Should your left hand still remain down this is a time to help it along go ahead put it up there.”

Does this mean the finger of the hand should be pointing up?

I have a couple more questions about the session, but these are my main ones.

If this link works, you should find some answers to your questions in the video. :slight_smile: basically, dont overthink it. Do what feels right and good, be comfortable and ready to be guided.

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