The Get Back to Sleep exercise

When I try to use the Get Back to Sleep exercise on my phone (Galaxy A32), it freezes after “Let your body float.” The timer indicator is at almost the three o’clock position, and does not move any more after that, nor does the exercise continue. Any ideas?

I just tried it on my tablet (Lenovo YT-J706F) and it works there. However, I want to be able to use it from my phone because it is small and quick and has plug-in ear phones. Getting my tablet, turning it on, and getting the airpop ear buds set up will just wake me up more.

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Hi! Sorry to hear that is happening. Sounds like it could be the bug we discovered and resolved this week, which has been resolved with Reveri version 3.4. Would you please update your app in the Play Store and let me know if the issue persists?

I updated the app and it works now. Thanks!


More on the Get Back to Sleep exercise: After the first time I used it, I have the shortened version (no introduction, etc.). The one try wasn’t enough for me; I still need more help. Is it possible to have access to the longer version?

Also–is it the case with all the exercises, that they change after the first use?

Hi there! Sorry to hear you are having trouble - let me make sure I’m understanding. After the first use of each session, we all receive what’s called an “optimized induction” meaning Dr Spiegel walks you through the induction (“One, look up, two, slowly close your eyes and take a deep breath…”) without previewing it. This should be the only change you experience. Some sessions have an introduction, which is kind of like a preamble from Dr Spiegel before getting into the induction and exercise. You have an option to “Skip Introduction” on these sessions.

So I’m wondering, when you say you have the shortened version (no introduction), can you specify what you’re referring to here? Additionally, what do you mean by “the one try wasn’t enough for me; I still need more help.” One try of what exactly?

Happy to help - thanks for reaching out.

Thanks for your response. Sorry to take so long to reply. When I tried the Get Back to Sleep exercise the second time, I expected it to be the same as it was the first time, with Dr. Spiegel first talking a bit about waking up in the middle of the night. His voice is so soothing, and I thought that was a regular, and very helpful, part of the session. So I was surprised when it was so different the second time. (It also took me a long time that night to get back to sleep.)

Today, when I received the email about Friday’s event and followed the “Learn more” link about Dr. Spiegel, I watched the video of him with Andrew Huberman (whom I like very much, and through whom I learned about Reveri). After I watched it and then learned more about the eye roll, I realized “Wait a minute. I can do that.” So I sat right there where I was and on my own went through the three steps, and the change easily happened. I stayed there as long as I wanted and then brought myself out of it.

So I guess the bottom line is that I understand much better now how this works, and I’m good with that.