Unguided self hypnosis?

Hi! I’d like to know if we are expected to one day be able to fall in a state of self-hypnosis on our own, by remembering the method, or if we’ll always need a prompt? I’m not very hypnotizable. I scored low the first time and a bit better the second time because I was in a quieter place, but I dont reach a hypnotic state very easily.

Hi Fannie, self-hypnosis is a skill, and the purpose of Reveri is to help you develop that skill. The more you practice, the better you will get at achieving the hypnotic state and, most importantly, achieving better results with self-hypnosis. In fact, Dr. Spiegel’s induction (on one, look up, on two…) is the simplest and quickest one I’ve ever come across, and many members say they do it without the app’s guidance after they’ve had some practice with it. I hope this helps!

Also keep in mind that hypnotizability is a bit complex; you might find you achieve a more automatic response to the suggestions when they are emotional or cognitive, rather than sensory or physiological (this is just one example of many). I have a strong, automatic response to sessions like Enhance Focus and Relieve Stress, but I require much more practice on sessions like Improve Sleep and Manage Pain.