Hurry up a cold

Hi everyone, im wondering if anyone has used reveri to hurry up a cold? Or covid/flu/stomach bug? I got a cold yesterday and already very tired of it! Cheers, wendy

Hi Wendy,

I’ve used Reveri to help me get through a mysterious illness. The doctors couldn’t workout what was wrong. I’m slowly getting there. For me it was the not knowing, so the exercises I used won’t help you.

The best things you can do are get quality sleep and make sure you eat well. You’re probably feeling tired, which means your body is diverting resources to your immune system. It’s easy to go for comfort food when we’re not well, and may be not sleeping well either. I’d suggest do to the exercises to help your immune system, e.g. for sleep and to encourage you to eat well.

Hope this helps. Get well soon.

Hi foxglove, thanks so much for your concern and help. I ended up doing a RAT and have covid actually! Much better already thanks to reveri sleep and also a very good microbiome. Now my brain fog is clearing i think im going to try using ‘control any habit’ to control the worry that I might get long covid. Incidentally, i just listened to a podcast about long covid and it appears gut health is the key.
Glad you recovered fro. Your mystery illness. Cheers, wendy

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And also, maybe i could work on patience and surrender. Ha! The very thought makes me cringe