What visual imagery do you use when falling asleep to Improve Sleep?

What imagery do you use when Dr Spiegel invites you to feel your body floating as you aim to fall asleep? I’ve shared on a few of the community events, but I’ll officially share my imagery in the forum now:

I’m floating on a magic carpet in the night sky. My imaginary screen is just dark sky with stars in the distance. In this image, I have to jump out of my body and disassociate, so I see myself floating on the carpet, sleeping soundly. Next, I have to push the screen with my thoughts on it very far away from myself, creating a lot of distance. Once there is steady distance between my floating, sleeping self and the screen with my thoughts on it, I’m able to physiologically unwind and fall asleep.

What’s your nighttime imagery? :crescent_moon::zzz:


Thanks Shelby for sharing this. What an interesting technique you’ve come up with to release your body from your thoughts so it can rest…

I’m usually on a tube in my pool or in bed, since its the coziest place I can come up with. Im a researcher so let me say that it doesn’t come naturally to me but I find that picturing myself outdoors helps me imagine a screen in the sky.

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