[Workshop] Neuroscience to Enhance your Athletic Performance with Professional Golfer, Trevor Corner

Thanks to those who participated in today’s workshop on using neuroscience to enhance your athletic game with professional golfer, Trevor Corner!

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to hack your neurobiology to enhance your athletic performance. Whether you’re a golfer or you play another sport, recreationally or competitively, you’ll learn something you can immediately apply to enhance your game. In addition to a hypnosis session from Dr. Spiegel tailored to helping you enhance your athletic performance, he and Trevor discussed:

  • The core challenge of golf: self-management.
  • How and why hypnosis is uniquely positioned to help you master this skill (in preparation, performance and reflection).
  • Why golf is a great analogy for life, and how we can apply its lessons to improving our life across several domains.
  • Practical actions: How you can immediately apply today’s lessons to your next game.

Trevor Corner is a professional golfer who’s played in the PGA Tour Canada as well as several other prestigious competitions. He’s been using Reveri for almost three years, since its creation.

Resources discussed: